South Carolina, my first favorite State.

Here’s my thing: I was born in Columbia South Carolina, and it just got me thinking—

Why not buy a USC sweatshirt? Well I did, I’m not completely sure what their mascot is but I’ll support them regardless because they’re not even in the PAC 12 and not close to being Beaver Rivals, so whatever, I bought the sweatshirt. AND THEN I thought, what if I had applied and got accepted to the University of South Carolina?  Like, what a funky decision that would have been to just consider going to that school just because I was born in Columbia. Well, I thought about it some more and I realized I would have been around a lot of things like Southerners, Peaches, Gators, and Country Music. And I  LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! And then I thought about how I probably would have dated so many handsome Southern Gentlemen and go to places like Florida, Georgia, Texas, and then I thought I can’t be doing this anymore because I’m already done with school. 

BUT— I really do want to go back there just because I think it would be fun seeing what it’s like. And maybe I will meet my handsome Southern Gent.

Eight years with this crazy👯 Happy birthday to you, you wild animal 🐮 I don’t know what I would do without my best friend Jaqui 💛💚❤

How I handle rejection


When I was younger:




Finally I can look at you today and say to myself, “what was I thinking?”

I made you Better, but I’m better by myself.


Do you know that I love you? 😘 #calvinharris
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I can’t let people push me around. I need to speak out more about what I know is wrong than thinking it’s okay to let it slide.

I wouldn’t mind a cowboy.

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"You get what you settle for."
Louise Sawyer, Thelma & Louise